Surveying & Mapping

Drones provide an affordable alternative to field survey personnel, allowing 3DAerial to complete projects at a lower cost and with fewer staff, while acquiring data that is more complete over the majority of a site, and allowing the on-site staff to focus on specific areas which may require on-the-ground detail acquisition.  3DAerial drone mapping provides high-resolution aerial imagery and digital elevation models that can be extremely valuable to facility managers, engineers, contractors and developers that need to make informed decisions regarding site analysis, infrastructure, volume calculations, and situational changes.  Our professional pilots are FAA certified and ready to fly.  We offer competitive rates and are ready to serve.  That allows you to do what you do best, analyze the data to produce informed decisions at the lowest costs.

How it Works

1.  You schedule the date and time you want your site imaged.

2.  Weather permitting, our certified pilot comes to your site at the time you specified and flies one of our state of the art drones over the property.

3.  In less than 24 hours (usually less than 6 hours) you will receive an email telling you that your data is ready to be downloaded for your use.

4.  Click on the link and view the high-resolution aerial imagery and digital elevation models of your site.

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