3D Aerial has extensive flight experience in both fixed wing and rotary wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  We provide flight crews that possess the required private pilot and airman medical certifications.  Drones can help farmers to optimize the use of inputs (seed, fertilizers, water), to react more quickly to threats (weeds, pests, fungi), to save time crop scouting (validate treatment/actions taken), to improve variable-rate prescriptions in real time, and estimate yield from a field.  The imagery we produce is an essential precision agriculture tool for finding stressed cops in your fields before problems become expensive or unmanageable.

3DAerial provides every part of the flight operation on a per acre cost basis. We own state of the art drones and ensure they are well maintained at all times, have certified and experienced pilots on staff, and we are insured against any liabilities if there is a mishap during flight. 3DAerial covers the high costs of drone ownership and the liability that goes with flying these unmanned aircraft while you only pay for the acres you need. That allows you to do what you do best, analyze the data to produce the largest harvest at the lowest costs.

How it Works

1.  You schedule the date and time you want your field imaged.

2.  Weather permitting, our certified pilot comes to your field at the time you specified and flies one of our state of the art drones over your property.

3.  In less than 24 hours (usually less than 6 hours) you will receive an email telling you that your data is ready to be downloaded for your use.

4.  Click on the link and view the visible and NDVI images of your fields.

5.  Download the data to your Farm Management Software.

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